What is Airsoft?

Airsoft guns are often used for survival simulated war games or training, generally have the following characteristics:


  • 1:1 (full-scale) model simulation proportions and appearance gun, but only fired 6mm and 8mm the spherical projectile (commonly known as BB shells), a low velocity fire to ensure the safety of the use of (the market will see a certain Airsoft guns and imitation of Airsoft guns, respectively, and they normally use .22 .177 (4.5mm) caliber projectile. but these guns could not be used in the survival game.)
  • A survival game, players can use an Airsoft gun to a military or government forces to carry out simulated shooting games.

Airsoft guns have been popular in some Asian countries, Since different countries have different legal Airsoft guns, see this, some countries will find Airsoft guns, accessories and some will be found in the market to upgrade or enhance an Airsoft gun parts.


Airsoft Guns equipment

imitation airsoft guns

imitation Airsoft guns (also known as "BB gun") is usually made of plastic and metal mock guns, firing 6mm or 8mm spherical projectile (commonly known as "BB shells"), emphasizing safety and used only for the leisure activities. An Airsoft gun is different from the genuine, it is only played by pneumatic compression of thin and light BB shells. Currently most countries have legislation against the muzzle velocity of Airsoft guns and Joule energy constraints.  The legitimate use, with the use of the safety requirements and the basic sneakers, for anybody involved in the survival game is very safe.

Airsoft guns are mainly divided into three types: catapults, electric and gas


AEG electric guns

AEG English "Automatic Electric Gun" acronym, is the most widely used in the survival game type BB gun. The stun gun Gearbox (English, "Gearbox", China and Hong Kong, commonly known as "wave tank", while Taiwan, commonly known as "lunch box") modeled on the principle of Airsoft guns to BB Firing rounds, only manually changed by the motor moves the Poem (1:10 remote control than a small motor car) to automatically Poem moves, and to gear boxes to more effectively carry out automatic and semi-automatic firing. Air pistol shooting speed (that is, the number of rounds fired per second, English, "Rate Of Fire", or "ROF") can achieve or even exceed the Speed guns.

Stun gun power supply battery power source is usually Series 7 ~ 8 (EPS ~ 9.6v) 1:10 remote control cars more than small rechargeable batteries ( "Ni-Cd" or "nickel-hydrogen" batteries) made stun gun battery. Firing in the field can not be the problem, apart from the mechanical failure, is the most commonly encountered hitting half of the electricity.


gas gun

Dynamic gas cylinder Airsoft guns from the storage of liquid gas (similar to storing propane, butane, or liquid carbon dioxide pressure), a small amount of compressed gases put into the Airsoft guns in the cylinder (the gas cylinder weight and size), then compressed gas to break out and introduced BB shells.

Usually (but not all air pistol) a small part of the compressed gas will be "back to bore moves" for the cycle to the internal operation of machinery for the next shooting. Major pneumatic pistols can be modeled real pistol firing at the back to slide provides loads, but also tends to bore no action expensive Airsoft guns, Airsoft guns back to the action bore no more such moves in many more complex structure.  Pistol is the most common gas to bore guns (in English called "Gas Blowback Guns"), slide provides back-bore action can have a pistol in the back seat, forcing operations, and more real, fun.

Early use of the gas rifles or CO 2 gas power, though the full firepower, but now most of the gas guns electric gun has been replaced by a game of survival of the mainstream, but still have their rifles gas market, many abundant power and the pursuit of an Airsoft gun enthusiasts will choose gas rifles.

All three airguns also meet various internal (performance and durability) and external (aesthetic and ergonomic), accessories and spare parts, some of the major Airsoft guns must be part of some players (which parts may have to pay than the original anybody buy a more expensive price), but also to do more gun-like appearance, Airsoft guns, or to strengthen the reliability and durability, and to increase the yardstick of / performance to tie in with the air pistol competition, the survival of the game and bring more fun.


Airsoft gun in the survival game is mainly used in the bullets. BB shells have many different weight (0.12g ~ ~ 0.88g), usually used 0.20g and 0.25g, 0.3 g or 0.45g of heavy bombs, as the driving force in the current regulations, to provide a better range and accuracy. BB shells also affected the quality of Airsoft guns ballistic performance. Generally, lighter BB shells can provide longer range, but vulnerable to wind, and have substantially offset the contrary, the range is even shorter but with better accuracy.

Decomposable material on the general environmental grenades and plastic shells, green or damp long shells will decompose, not more pollution of the environment, but also true roundness hence more susceptible, but in the awareness of environmental protection, survival game players should try to choose environmentally BB shells. It was also heavier metal shells, but because of security reasons, are rarely used in the survival game, but in some anti-riot guns and tactical use of Airsoft guns are used metal bullets.


HOP-UP rotation system for HOP - UP

  • After launching the rotation of the vertical will be reversed BB shells, grenades and reverse the air current BB, BB shells slightly upward to resist gravity-fed, and the range of accuracy of the upgrade, up to the system, known as ballistic HOP - UP system. Most of the current air pistol with the system configuration.
  • Anybody HOP - UP system, usually on the side of the barrel with a small piece made of rubber, English has regarded it as "bucking."  Some small piece of rubber can be adjusted, some are not, and can not be adjusted in small rubber Airsoft guns usually set in the manufacturing process as the best weight 0.2g shells. Can adjusted HOP - UP guns can be adjusted to the trajectory of the best state, and the accuracy of the book makes more flexible upgrade many.